2018 EuSEM Fellowship for Young Emergency Medicine Physicians
We are pleased to announce the opening of the application cycle for the 2018 EuSEM Fellowship for Young Emergency Medicine Physicians. This year’s fellowship will focus on Critical Care Medicine, specifically how to approach and correctly manage the shocked patient in the Emergency Department. We are honoured to collobarate this year with Dr.Ana Maria Navio Serrano, who is affiliated with the University Hospital in Moncloa, Madrid and is the the Spanish National Director of the Shock Team, member of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine, EuSEM, IFEM, AAEM, SAEM,
The course content will reflect: Pathophysiology of shock, shock models – types of shock of different patient groups, diagnostic and management approach to the shocked patient, fluid choice/management, inotrope support, damage control, primary management for renal replacement therapy, antibiotic management.
To be considered for this fellowship, please e-mail the below documents by 15 April 2018 to: yemdsection@gmail.com
Motivation letter
Commitment to teaching peers
Ideal candidate should be EuSEM members who have successfully passed EBEEM part A or A and B
Knowledge of English
Overall appraisal: Letter of recommendation from senior consultant
It is desirable that the successful applicant be in the final years of their specialization and upon completion of the Fellowship, applicants submit an article for publication – Journal of Emergency Medicine Case Reports, European Journal of Emergency Medicine, Postgraduate Medical Journal, etc.


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